Invisible animals

Got my butt handed to me by invisible elephants, pretty sure thunderfoot was involved. My tamed wolves, sabers and yeti is also invisible. All happened when the age of war update was installed onto my ps4. Ive tried a couple things like uninstalling game and reinstalling, rebuilding database and still no change. Looks like its funcoms turn find a fix


I too am experiencing similar issues. It seems that the larger animals and ones with special skins are not rendering. Currently I have 3 Rhinos (1 each if Purbred, Killer and Savage), The Pack Camel, the pack elephant, Yamatai Croc, Yamatai Tiger and a giant Rocknose. I have tried the database and even went into performance mode( which has the effect of rendering previously blocked resources through building).
This is all since Age of War update

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same since the age of war update my rocknoses, camels, yetis, elephants and most of the world bosses are now invisible and in few cases only the eyes and mouths are rendering so far this is the list of things that are now invisible in my game Black Yeti, King Rhino, Rockslide, Avalanche, snake men brutes, both tamed and wild camels, yetis, elephants, the lion king on swagger rock, greater yakkiths and I am sure the list will expand sadly. just FYI if you go to the Icespire Chasms to get sabertooth cubs for me the Avalanche are invisible and will most of the time one shot you now or stun lock you to death after the age of war update.


This was going on during Sorcery on both Exiles Land and Siptah. I expected to be fixed with latest update unfortunately not. @dragonologist @Bum_p_weenus @Miki_Mundi
On our private Exiles server at times. My wife and I could see Elephant’s at the Savanna and the other could not on Siptah invisible pets and animals still happening Funcom is aware.

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Yes, ps5 version is full of invisible stuff.
Furniture inside Sepermeru’s Bar, where Conan is, is still invisible. Door frame inside the Wine Cellar, invisible. You can see under the mesh. A boat load of animals, invisible. Exploding imps, invisible. Even the freaking Sentinel statues disappear sometimes! :smile:

What’s also invisible is a fix for all of this.


i am so done with this game just tried to do The Dregs dungeon online to learn reptilian armor and abysmal weaponry and now the Abysmal Remnant is invisible and all you see are its eyes now and after a killing it the crafting book it guards is missing both online/offline this is just bad come on funcom can’t even do a beginner dungeon run :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’ve also got invisible elephants and the odd boss monster. I’ve been hunting elephants by watching the tigers fight the air or running around listening for their stomping, thunderfoot causes issues as he’s also invisible and the main problem with all this is they’ve changed the fighting mechanics “so you have to dodge and block more” but it’s hard to dodge/block an attack you can’t see!!!


I can’t remember the last time I was able to see anything in that tavern other than Conan, 3 dancers, a bar tender and a bunch of floating journals. :joy:


Pre AoS, @everybodyvsME !:smile:
One of the most ironic places in the game and it’s still like that! :smile:


Does anybody know when they plan on fixing the bug?



Welcome to the Forum this needs fixed asap @Community some input would be greatly appreciated. I have been a Funcom supporter but this is going to damn far for my tolerance.

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I have the same problem the animals became invisible a few days ago : Elephants Rhinos greater and white
It will be appreciated if you can fixe this I have a lot of hours of grinding
For me it was before the update but there is still lot of visual bug on this game it’s a pity because the game is so fun and the world is so big

This guy wants a word. The invisibility bug does correct itself eventually on single player if you spawn a few of the mobs in. Doesn’t work on elephants though.

Still no fix after months by the look of it, I regret buying it for the playstation now, still charged £45 for a game that is broken enough to make progress impossible! They really need to communicate on this even if it’s a “we know what’s happening” message might save a bit of frustration

that is what a lot of the mobs are now floating eyes here’s my list You can help by adding to this UPDATED LIST OF THINGS THAT ARE INVISIBLE - PS4/PS5/

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