Invisible elephants

So to sum up my friend’s and my situation, we are mid area where the rhinos and tigers are and we keep getting attacked and can hear elephants, yet we cannot see them. They still do the same amount of damage and can hit us but we can’t see them nor attack them as far as we’ve tried


More than half my pets and thralls are invisible in singleplayer on console. It ruins the game

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Welcome to the Forum. Sorry about that but there are alot of invisible pets and bosses also basic npc animals on both Exiles and Siptah. @madmattic @Lophi @Community any idea when this is going to be fixed I’m aware there’s no reason for a Zendesk report it is well known was going on before last update way before.


We don’t have any official information in regard to this, but we do have an ongoing report :smile:

@Lophi, if you’d like, you could do a bug report and we will add it to this existing report! Here are some helpful links:

Once you start a new post on any of those categories the template will show. Make sure to fill in all the information requested.

Thanks in advance!

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