Invisible Lava near Tower of Skelos

**Game mode: Private Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: USA

Invisible patch of lava on the ground, probably where there shouldn’t be any. Friend found it first, and I confirmed its location afterwords. Coordinates are X: -13,892.957, Y: 231,186.281, Z: -19,679.961. Also including a couple screenshots.


Can confirm. Died there a few days ago.

Confirm this. I died there once and holding my breath since anytime I’m passing by.

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Indeed. Once I found the spot, I built several blue standing torches & a big sign while in admin mode there to keep anybody else from accidentally blundering into it.

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How about a small terrace with stairs instead?

I went and built a back door to that area. Question though, what happens to small bits of building in a purge? Will they come attack those or do the purges only focus on larger (largest?) bases from the player that triggered the purge? I’d love to not worry about the small little fixes like steps for thrall dragging, or lava pathways.

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Don’t know how it will went with the improved purge but the old one attacked all kinds of structures.

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Youre a good fella HolyCrusader. Although if you wanted to be a bit more dastardly, you could always add a chest either on or next to it instead, and lure others to their demise. Mwahaha!!

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