Purge at volcano

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Every time we get a purge at the volcano (we have had both frost giants and silent legion) the all decide that a lava bath sounds good and they all walk in it. Please fix this

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

So your issue is that they walk into lava and die?
If that’s the case how would you like them to fix it? Either you have a way they can get to your base or they spawn in your base…

this issue depends likely of where is your base…

itr looks to me your base is down in the crater is it?

Good question, Palm.

@Arpello, it would be really good to know what/where your base is and if there aren’t any other building pieces nearby that’s distracting them.

The Purge will usually avoid spawning and/or going into water. For lava I have not seen anybody’s concerns so far (hence it not being on the wiki as a note yet)

Are there individuals within this purge that do not think that it is a good idea, or is it all of them?

Could you also provide footage to illustrate where and how exactly this happens if possible?

Thanks for your understanding :wink:

Will try to get a screen shot of base location and spawn points for the purge and post them. Thanks
But you are probably right base location could be the problem.

Note that (as I mentioned, https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge) the Purge does not work correctly at the moment. -they have planned to fix it-

It is good to see this report though, because then devs may fix it later.

The underlying problem is not the location of the base but that NPCs appear to be completely unaware of lava.

The correct way to fix this would be to ensure that purge NPCs don’t voluntarily walk into lava, but I predict this will never happen. (purge NPCs can either spawn directly in lava, dying on the spot, or spawn in an abitrary location near your base and then since they walk in a straight line towards your base, if lava is in the way, they stroll in and die).

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Exactly that’s what happens everytime.

You can go near the Well of Skelos and watch NPCs just commit suicide like lemmings. They’ll literally walk down the path and into the lava. It’s pretty amusing to watch

Yeah seen that too they need to fix the pathing.