Iron Shadows in the moon triggered illigimatey while playing with mods on a friends server is there a way to reset the steam achivement?

title says it my friend had installed a new mod caleld “age of calamtous” and it threw me on some wierd mmo like tutorial island where i couldnt leave until i finished and it automatically triggered iron shadowed in the moon one of my few remaining steam achivements I feel like I earned it illligitmately. Is there a way to conect funcom/steam to have the progress of the steam achivement reset?

Google Steam achievements manager and edit your achievements list or contact steam support.
If you disabled current achievement you may run into inability to ever get it again because game thinks you already have it.

How would I request support from steam it says to contact funcom support on the support site for “other issuees”

Well good luck with contacting funcom support :slight_smile:

What exactly does this do?

And this wont have valve mad with me?

Use on your own risk or wait for answer from steam or funcom. (I’m pretty sure funcom will send you back to steam because achievements are entirely steam side.)
It should work fine outside VAC protected game. Just don’t use it when the game’s open.
The best course of action is just not do anything and ignore “unfair” achievement.

Why risk it for such a simple achievement?

Since you’re concerned about the legitimacy of your Steam Achievements list, I would strongly advise you do not mess around with an unofficial editor, that has no guarantee of not messing something up. That’s not a dig at the author of that editor, not anyone who uses it. Simply that it’s not official, and if anything goes wrong (user error included), Funcom/Valve will certainly not be helping you.

Do you know how/where to get that specific achievement? I won’t mention any spoilers here, unless you request them. I would suggest just going through the motions that would have given you the achievement, and then you would have still earned it.

Just my opinion, as someone who would feel the same way as you do if I was in your situation.

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