Do Mods disable achievements on Steam

I ran a google search on this topic but all the results were from a year or so ago. Could anyone comment on if playing with Mods will disable the achievements on steam? I don’t normally care to much about them but I would like to at least unlock them. I know in the past some games have turned off achievements once users start playing with the game’s systems, even if they are just cosmetic mods.

Using the makemeadmin disables achievements to my knowledge but don’t really know if mods do

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No, i have different mods even se-x (seriously this is censored on a 18+ game?) mods where you can have se-x with players and thralls and i still get achivements on steam when i killed a boss earlier.

Hello! I use over a dozen mods constantly on single-player, and ALWAYS have the “make me admin” feature in settings active. Just the other day i got the steam achievement for reaching level 60. Neither the use of mods, or having admin priviledges from “make me admin” appear to disable steam achievements at least for me. I see no reason why they would for anyone else. Have fun and happy gaming :slight_smile:

Hey there,

@HoLibrae581 This is an old, rare issue, which is likely unknown to the developers, but may have fixed itself in the mean time (the most recent post was in april).

Please report the issue on the PC bug subforums if the issue persists. Be sure to read [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines.
Also, could you try without mods? If it fixes the issue let us know.
Your game and mods should be updated when doing so.

@Shadoza No, it’s the command alternative for the Make Me Admin button, see

@CrimsonDrake1984 are you refering to steam achievements, journey steps, both or something else? Could you (re-)test it, please?

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@TheLOLxd2 did post this awhile back and at that time wasn’t getting any achievements after using the makemeadmin command