Use cheat secrets to complete achievements in single player games

Can you cancel this operation? Achievements can only be completed in the official map

No, achievements should be completed in SP too, just not in Admin mode.

Pretty sure achievements can be completed in Admin mode too - though I haven’t tried lately so I could be wrong.

And no, they should not be limited to any particular server type or style of play. While I personally attribute exactly zero value to some arbitrary “achievement”, other people seem to like it, and I see no reason to exclude them just because they play single player or on private servers.

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Yes they are :frowning_face: I’ve accidentally completed some while exploring Exile lands in Admin mode, and there is no way to remove such “achievements” from Steam. This is not OK of course. Getting achievements in SP using any other legit game mechanics is quite OK.

He shouldn’t use cheating orders to accomplish something

Meh. Remove the Admin mode (fine with me), but then someone can just tweak the server settings, or make a mod to enable them to easily nail the “achievements”.

My point is: stop worrying about how someone else got theirs. It’s not actually “accomplishing” anything in the first place.


who cares about that, when there are for more needed changes to this game. and to be honest they are not hard to get, online or offline.

i bet they are harder to get in SP then online, online you and your clan kills stuff, SP its only you. so really who gives a Fart how someone gets them. i’d say online its easier to get them so they are worth even less then you think there are worth anyways.

Single players are unable to complete all achievements, cheating or not. If it’s fairness you want, how about let’s address this bit of unfairness, too?

Besides, it’s not like anyone else suffers in any way from Solo mode players completing some Steam achievements in whatever way is available to them. It’s just a badge with no function in-game or out of it.

Achievements aren’t even consistent or logical across games. Some games reward you with “achievements” simply by following the main plot and progressing to certain points, whereas other games want you to play 500 online matches against human opponents. There’s no real value in achievements beyond the sense of achieving something - and if one gains that sense by cheating, well, maybe they can have a successful career in politics.

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