Vote: Disable "earning" trophies while in admin mode

Trophies should not be earned while admin rights are enabled. Yes, I accidentally got one when trying out things in singleplayer. It messes up the true progress meters.

  • Yes, disabled trophies while in admin mode
  • No, leave it as-is

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It may have been a feature since creation, but it makes the story too “easy”.


I do not really care either way but why do you care what people do in their single player games or how server admins deal with their paid servers as this is only an issue in single player or where you can become admin to start with.


The trophy system is part of the ps4. It allows people to see progress and compare with each other. If it is too easy, then the achievement system means nothing. I feel they should mean something, not this is about their playstyle.

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Regardless of what I think about this, after the amount of time this game has been out, I don’t think it is going to change anytime soon especially since bugs and glitches to be dealt with are primary.

Hardcore players love maximizing their achievement. I started thread under the ps4 topics. For hardcore players, the game isn’t complete until the achievements are 100%.

As for PC, surely the devs could make a cross-play achievement system. I understand that for those not familiar with the ps4 system that “trophy” (at a glance) means mob heads. So maybe I didn’t word it right. Ack, here is an example on ps4:

To me, achievements are like prestige levels. Imagine earning different trophies for each DLC.

I think the trophies at present are a good encouragement for new players, but once you know enough to try Admin powers you’ve grown past the help they can give.

I got Iron Shadows In The Moon with the spear-vaulting glitch (private server, no malice or harm), and honestly I’m pretty proud of it. Certainly it wasn’t “fair”, but it was memorable!

I’m surprised of the votes. The nays have it, so far.

So… I don’t understand. Maybe some confusion about trophies if tl;dr… read the title only.

Ding ding ding, got it in one! At least that sums up how I feel about “achievements”, “trophies”, “feats of strength” and all the other artificial nonsense goals that litter modern gaming.

What about the current crossplay trophies? You hack up a head, spend some points as taxidermist, and place it on a wall in-game. :wink:

If having achievements unlocked something (like gaming used to do, grinding ludicrous tasks for that nice skin or OP weapon), it would be an issue. But thats not the case, so it doesn’t matter IMO.

Are trophies on your platform different than on Steam?

Here’s Steam examples, they are not very meaningful in a competitive way.

They are basically the same. I don’t have a screenshot for it like above.

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