Expand achivments

there are in game 25 achivments
i would like to see this number expand at least to 50
ie find all lorestones, kill x enemy players, find secret chests etc.
its mostly small things wich make big canges, and for high lvl characters it adds some end game content /expect killing lvl 1 players xD/

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While this could be fine, and be fun for a good part of the players, doing that, this should be available for all players.

I mean by that, all communities, and playstyle, without exclusion.
You say, kill x ennemis, what would do pve or singleplayers with that ?
I see constantly the problem with the Tower of Elephant for some people, this for this exact reason. While on populated pvp-servers this isn’t an issue, other community should also be part of this.
I think there plenty ideas to get a nice collection together, isn’t it ?

What a about a complet list with really fun and challenging ones, maybe with increasing difficulty ?

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i think it would be good to players to try pvp, in many games there are achivments wich rly didnt match with ones playstyles,

also it could be solved by adding duel option to all game modes, would be nice showing number of won duels above player, maybe keep it bound to account, its matter of taste of course

This is up to each, and not all enjoy play in pvp.
I think this is fine so, games need divers communities. While some enjoy pvp, other may not, and enjoy a more quiet playstyle. Gaming is all about fun, and the pleasure you get while you do your activity. There is no wrong or right style.

So achievments, and other goodies.
There are players loving doing them, others will never ever look at them. Don’t forget, they related to Steam or other plateforms, so all depends where you get the game, and what game you currently play.
But of course, a player should never feld punished for the playstyle they chose. :wink:

Their are achievements i have never gotten on Conan because I play PVP official. I focus solely on PVP mechanics of game. Anything that isn’t tied to prepping for defense and raiding i haven’t done. So in your logic, they shouldn’t be achievements. Because they will force me to play a different way. But the OP’s suggestion is actually more in tune with achievements are created for–stepping out of your comfort zone, even for a little bit to get the achievement. So joining a PVP or PVE-C server for a few hours, killing some people doesn’t mean you have to convert to it full time.

No, in your case, it’s a choice, a personal choice.
You didn’t make all, but you could.

But if some players in a given settings can’t do them, ever if they wish, i see there a problem, or let’s say, it’s not really fair.

Sure, i know, some achievments may seems strange, or weird, whatever, that’s the case in most games if i remember right.
I love play solo, do my stuff by myself. So i did all achievment alone, in default settings, without mods, once the game came out, and the achivments was implemented. They wasn’t in EA like you can easily imagine.
Doing all solo ins’t still easy, but i got them. All without one. The Tower of Elephants. Because this is the only one you need an other budy, and be able to kill it. So alone, nope, don’t work.
Pve settings, nope, don’t work. Sure you can do it with somebody else. But so you didn’t them all alone. Follow my logic ?
In this case of course also a choice, but a restricted one.

So is not playing PVP.

What is the difference between my choice and yours? Because it is my choice, i have to live with it? I am just trying to support the idea of someone wanting more achievements. It is not a big deal to me, i do not care about achievements. But the OP does, and would like more. And I think he should get more. You don’t have to get them, it would be your choice.

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there are many games with almos unobtainable achivments, and making them almost unobtainable is part of reward for getting them, i mean you cen get achivment for looking under somones skirt or get achivment for completing dark souls without dying /i dont think its even possible/, guess wich one make you proud more

there are several primary offline games wich forces you to go do things what you wont want, wont match your roleplay, forces you unwanted pvp, its all part of challange

and in case you dont want start new character idea of duels can be used, the same thing is in elder scrolls online, where you can completed achivment based on pvp without even going in pvp zone

also duels can be nice thing to making tournaments on servers

I’ll try i again. :wink:

Your choice: not doing some achievment by choice, you could, but you don’t do them because x reason, you don’t like them, or whatever.

my choice: i can’t, if a play in pve settings, or are alone. Singleplayer, solo what ever.

Different here is can’t and wan’t. Simple.
I mean, i play mostly with pvp settings, that’s not the discussion here. My idea is just that is should be accessible to all communities. No frustration, no hassle. I’m sure there lot of ideas for achievments that are doable for all.

SO you are saying you can’t log in to a server for a few hours, get the achievement then leave? Or that you WON’T log in to a pvp server to get the achievement.

On my server, my clan mates and I dedicate all our play time to prepping for defense and raiding. So I CAN’T get some achievements, i don’t have time.

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You don’t get the point.

It’s not all about “Me” and only “Me”. I’m a tester, more than a player. Or let’s say, i played the game since EA so much, that now i’m more testing.
I mean, i’m old enough to survive not to get this last achievment. :rofl:

It’s just, at my opinion, each player, what ever community and playstyle he may chose and join, should be able to make the achievments. That’s my point of view, my personal opinion.

Don’t worry for me, i can jump where ever i want, and have so many SP parties registered and backed-up i lost ever the count. It’s more as fairness to all. :woman_shrugging:

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