Trophy/achievement system

Hello, don’t post here much due to most of the things that can be brought up already have been and or already being addressed.

But i’m a little concerned about the trophy/achievement system, too many times i’ve seen players or heard them admit to spending just a couple hours to get the platinum and then delete the game.

Kinda bums me out a little, such a cool game.
I dunno really what to suggest but to disable them when admin mode is used.
And maybe add more to get to that plat?
I dunno if that’s even a possibility.
Can you change trophy requirements for the platinum, post publication?

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Steam has achievments, so do other game-plateformes, this may depends what you play, pc, console or what.

I have Steam achievments, that’s. :smile:

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The system in general…
I have been playing this game legit solo on PS4 right from launch day, most of the messages i have gotten recently from folks is how easy getting the plat was, 2 hours with cheats they plat, and delete the game.
Normally i’m a “you do you” kind of a guy.

But then my friends get in on this, people i have been trying to get to play, maybe even clan up with.
I’m a little(alot) hurt and i didnt develop this game, i know it’s not up to some peoples expectations, Y’know the folks that rave on about Anthem and Fallout 76…yeah…
I’m enjoying my time in the Exiled lands, can be lonely but meh, i’d rather play by myself than with cheaters…


You know, i’m a pc player, so should i sing you the song of the free ps4 days on the different forums ? :rofl:

People have different way to play games, and better accept it this way. I love stay in worlds i love, and do my things. But it’s up to each.
Some aren’t patient at all, and running from one game to the other.

So i think the achievments should just be a little thing more. Not the reason why you play a game. I would also play it without, there wasn’t in EA.
Not really important, just a small pleasure more to get. :wink:

What are you getting at? Sing me a song on other forums?look thx for your input, but i’m not here to take part in a which is better discussion, on what platform you use, i came here with genuine concerns, as a community lead on my platform.
That kinda attitude breeds toxicity.
But thx again for your input😊

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