Using cheats in single player?

May I use a cheat in the non-battleye, single player, ONLINE mode? If not there, may I use it in the non-battleye, single player, OFFLINE, local host mode?

I’m just curious here. What kind of “cheat” are you asking about? And why use a cheat in single player when you have the admin panel? The admin panel gives you access to all kinds of cheats.

I’m playing on the non-battleye, single player, ONLINE mode? AFAIK I don’t have an admin console available. The server - I assume - is hosted by Funcom.

What platform are you playing on?

If you are playing in single player mode on a PC then you can activate the Admin mode which gives you access to an Admin menu where you do a number of things not normally possible … such as levitating (fly) and spawn objects.
To get this Admin menu option available type: ~ then type in: makemeadmin
Into the black line/interface that appeared when you typed ~
Once admin is activated you can open the Admin menu by pressing ESC that takes you to the menu options and you will see a new line “Admin” that you can click

Single player mode is hosted on your own machine if you decide to let your friends join you. You can do whatever you want, especially if you’re playing without BattleEye. With the admin controls there really is no need for external cheat programs though.

Thanks for the answers all.

BTW just be aware when posting messages, Funcom forces you to choose platform. So there’s no need to ask “what platform are you playing on?” It’s right there at the top next to the brown “Conan Exiles” and red “General Discussion.”

When he asked what platform are you playing on he meant what kind of hardware are you using.

PC, or one of the available gaming systems.

Hardware? Yeah, the thing is when people ask, “what platform are you playing on?” the question implies Xbox, PS4, or PC unless they explicitly mean something else, which they didn’t.

I’m not trying to be “combative” I’m just saying I’ve been gaming for over thirty years to know what type of question “what platform are you playing on?” means.

That said. The admin mode is fantastic! I was able to relocate my home from the southern Sentinal statue to the Oasis northwest of Sepermeru in 30 minutes. It has one hell of a view! Probably my most favorite in the game so far. :slight_smile:

I also increased the length of day to 300 mins (5 hours). I didn’t like seeing day and night time happen so fast. It didn’t feel realistic.

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