Banned from my own private server?

Got a message from Battleye that it did this on behalf of the developer. Probably because I had test signing mode enabled(Battleye doesn’t support that).

I’ve recently turned Battleye off on my private server, still I can’t get into my server? Says Failed to sign in. Same if I force whitelist myself. Unable to get into my own server, how can I get in? Was I banned playing the game entirely or just from BE enabled?

Funcom doesn’t monitor private servers, so disable BattleEye.

Yeah I did, still can’t get into my server, which is the part I’m confused about. It seems they have given me a “game” ban rather than a “Battleye” ban.

Em, attempt to log in and check the logs to see what is happening. Maybe a VAC ban?

Nopers VAC is in good standing :confused: Definitely got a popup that said “BE has done this on behalf of the developer”.

I have an appeal with them, but if I turn off BE …I should be able to get into my server? I even turned off VAC just to make sure something doesn’t overlap but since my VAC is in good standing I’m at a loss. It’s not serverblend.

I even whitelisted my steam64id so something is up on the actual Funcom end.

Ok I see what’s going on here, Battleye gave me a GAME ban, I can’t even access singleplayer. Wow. There has to be a way to get this overturned? I don’t care if BE keeps me banned via this game but can Funcom lift the overall Game ban?

I have my private server info if needed, literally no reason to cheat at all since well, I have admin rights.

Here you can find the procedure to appeal a ban:

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