Is anyone able to help me fine tune my mod order?

Basically I got something to work i didn’t know was a feature in my mods… I’m wondering if there’s anything else I may have messed up in my load order that anyone with good knowledge can help with, would be much appreciated!
Current Mod Load Order:
Pippi- User and Server Management
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
The Age of Clamitous
Endgame Extended Weapons Arsenal
KPL-Smooth Leveling Exp add on pack
Pets and Thralls Level 40
Better thralls
Better pets
Prestige Extended Attributes
Rude Archery
Healing Tweaks
Death Knight Arsenal
Encumbrance Weight Base up
Dev Weapon Mod 1.2.0

I am not familiar with half of your mod list as in I have never heard of them. If you need advice, it might be easier if you add the mod IDs. As a general rule, make sure that the mods you are using are actively maintained by their authors. No point in adding outdated mods which are no longer supported.


After a quick check on just a few, I found that many of them are rather new, as in dropped within the last year or two. This would explain why many of them are alien to you; pretty low on the lists if you just search through the popular ones. With that said, many of them are also out of date. Whether or not that impacts the game I can’t say but that’s definitely a good starting point. Also, there is definitely some order issues as I know Kerozard’s should be way lower.

From the Kerozard Page on Steam:
Mod Load Order?

Leveling mods in general don’t seem to play along with each other very well (in particular with overriding or changing AoC’s leveling tables). To resolve EXP conflicts, use the KPL - Smooth Leveling Add-On. Otherwise, you will need to experiment yourself with the load order. We have already done the proper testing to determine where AoC should be since its the most commonly used leveling mod with Paragon.

Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
KPL - Smooth Leveling - Add-On

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I tested all the mods individually they all work, most of them are simple and just change something very specific so they’re very very low impact. I already have the 4 mods there in the correct order I followed that from the get go. Should I have them at the bottom of the load list? Or is the top fine?