Seeking assistance with the mod load order for my server

I am hoping that I could get some tips on my mod load order for my server. I tried to research this a bit on my own, but I worry I may have missed something important.

Here’s my mod load order (loads from left to right on the server app, right?):

Stacksize+ 1396310739
Northern Timber 1928978003
Arena Pier 1855055876
Sand and Stone 2411388528
Emberlight 1369802940
Akuba’s Salon 1938818750
Barbarian Barber 2050780234
RA Character Customization 1542041983
Fashionist 1159180273
Better Thralls 931088249
Immersive Armor 1966733568
RA Cinnamon Candle 1938352194
Savage Steel 1367404881
Savage Steel II 1598693222
Sandstorm Ex 1759544356
Sandstorm Fix 1765361591
Snowstorm Ex 1799016310
Pve Ambush Plus 1389591415
Pickup+ 864199675
Paragon Leveling 1629644846
EEWA 1734383367
KPL Smooth Leveling 2447889148
Mod Control Panel 1823412793
Improved Quality of Life Mod 3.4.3 2275543723
Hosav’s UI 1797359985

If there are any mods here that are unstable or problematic, please let me know. Also, if there are any mods that are great for the PvE experience (mainly combat, adventuring, that sort of thing) that I might be missing, I’m totally up for checking out new things.

  • Sandstorm Fix won’t be needed after the 2.5 patch that is currently on Testlive. Just an FYI.

  • You have KPL Smooth Leveling Add-On, but aren’t using AoC or any other type of additional leveling mod where it would throw off Paragon Leveling. It isn’t needed, Paragon Leveling by itself with your mod list is fine.

  • You have a lot of decorative mods, but not Less Building Placement Restrictions? Your call, but clearly you have an interest in building and decorating, so I’m not seeing a reason you aren’t using it (side bonus is its add-on, LBPR - Additional Features).

  • Replace Pickup + with Unlock plus with Pickup. Unlock plus with Pickup has everything Pickup + has and way more, and is compatible with Better Thralls (where as Pickup + is not).

  • Pippi is MIA? You are running a server, that is basically mandatory for a mod. It’s also something you could use to create your own dungeons and PvE content in the future, if you so chose.

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I thought EEWA throws off KPL?

Rock on. This is very informative. Thank you.

I don’t really understand what Pippi does.

Supposedly, EEWA below KPL works fine.
If you get Pippi (which I would), place that on top of the order.
If you get LBPR (which I would) I would place below EEWA.
Pickup + or Unlock Plus with Pickup should be below LBPR if you get LBPR mod.
I would move stacksize+ to the bottom portion of the list (but that is just me since i like to keep features mods together)

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