Mod Load Order - Please help

Hello there, could someone check my mod load order please? I know that everybody asks for this, I just want to be sure that its at least somewhat correct…

My mod order:

  1. Pippi
  2. ModControlPanel
  4. Northern Timber
  5. Emberlight
  6. Warrior Mutator
  7. Lexa’s Exiled Lands Improved (Continued by Darc)
  8. Beyond Decor
  9. Thralls are alive
  10. Waystones
  11. Barbarian Barber
  12. Barbarian Surgeon
  13. Male New Faces
  14. Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.1.2
  15. LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.82
  16. Better Thralls v2.1.1
  17. PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot
  18. Tier 4 Followers - Medium Increased Spawn - v5.7.6
  19. 3.0 Solo & Co-op Boss Balance
  20. Faster Horses v3.1.3
  21. RA: Visual Tweaks
  22. PVP(E) & Motion Sickness Camera Tweaks v.1.4
  23. Navigator
  24. Severe Weather 2.1
  25. Immersive_Heros
  26. Improved Bodies Hairy Girls
  27. Improved Bodies Male Textures
  28. Inventory Compactor - v1.0.3
  29. LargerStacks
  30. Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench - AWS v1.0.2
  31. Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - 2.3.10
  32. Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.4.0
  33. Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.29.8
  34. Unlock Plus 1.6.1
  35. Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.5

Thank you for any suggestions!

Overall looks good to me. A few big ones in there I don’t use though so not familiar (Lexa’s for instance). Warrior Mutator I would put further down the list - as low as you can - for me it’d be just above Pythagoras etc. Immerse RP is recommended by mod author to go on or near bottom of list. I usually put it just above Pythagoras, LBPR Additional Features, Unlock Plus and LBPR (in that order - LBPR is always last on the list for me). If it works where it is, by all means leave it there. But if you get issues try that. I recommend MCP Widgets as a handy add on for Mod Control Panel, adds a server restart warning with admin customisable messages plus a couple of other handy things for people who like to dig into recipes or keep notes about their game. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much for your advice!!! Really appreciate it. So far everything went good and smooth except for some missing textures on the three key bosses in Warmaker’s Sanctuary and some weird pink textures on the floor there… Maybe I need to reinstall the game and re-download the mods.

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Warmakers has some visual glitches at the moment (pink or shiny floor, missing textures, etc) even on Official. It’s not your mods doing that. Good news, hey? :smiley:

Just FYI, I run with about 40+ mods, many same as yours. I have Pippi first, then it’s all… alphabetical lol - until I get down to the dungeon/area overhaul mods (Ymir’s Respite and Cavern of Set - awesome but very hard mods). This is also where I’d put EEWA. After the dungeons/overhauls etc I have Pythagoras / LBPR +/Unlock Plus/LBPR as mentioned earlier. The alphabetical section (80% of the mods) helps me see when I have deliberately moved one somewhere else - reminder that I did it for a reason. And it just so happens that the mods I’m using have no unwanted conflicts in that order.

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Thank you, yeah really good news. I was really worried that its cause by some mods :smiley: Thank you again for your advice on mod order. Could you recommend me some other useful mods you use as an example?

These are the ones I’m running with now, although I have taken the Snowhunter mods off.
They’re good but 1) General’s Tomb is low level and no reason for me to go there as a high level character, great for a new dungeon in starter area for new players though. 2) Forsaken Tomb I just never really used - probably should have 3) Ruins of Acheron has been SUPER HORRIFICALLY low frame rate when I’ve been in there recently, not sure why, great high level dungeon when working well but it was unplayable when me and a friend ran it together recently. May not be the mod’s fault, probably works fine on its own, have not tested that. Let me know if you wanna discuss any of the ones in the list, happy to. My goal was to increase difficulty of PVE, introduce new survival mechanics, make it a real struggle and sense of achievement when progress is earned. The combo of SandstormEX (more variable sandstorms, demons spawning in them, take a little damage even with mask on, get extremely hot too) and Severe Weather (you really NEED to have good insulated armour and warming foods or you will die, even in areas close to snow or desert - and rain makes you colder, etc.) is lethal if ignored, and PVE Ambush adds so many “Arrrggh I’m gonna die!!” fun moments it’s not funny. Just have to be careful with that as some settings can lead to constant corrupted sabre spawns, even inside Warmakers etc - can be a bit overkill. But I’ve totally randomised the size of ambush groups and the level and type of combatants so it’s a real mixed bag. Most not too hard but some you should just run from. Fast. :slight_smile: Better Thralls is another great mod, I don’t use it for extra thralls but for the truncheon swapping for thralls and the KO’ed NPC dragging for thralls. But it may conflict with Thralls Are Alive by the look of the Steam page? Ancient Civ and Desert Town are brilliant building set mods with a very active mod author. My faves.

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Thank you for everything! I run a small server with my 2 friends just for fun with this mod list, if you would like to join and try you are much welcome to do so! Just add me as a friend on steam and Ill give you the IP and password :slight_smile: Nickname: Hawk_66CZ or saren226. I am also available on discord under this nickname: Hawk_66CZ. We have a medium Aquilonian/Argossean themed base near Relicwater Rise. We havent done much bosses or quests from Endgame Content or other mods, sou you are welcome to join us in doing them! I have enabled creative for every player just to build a base, we dont use cheats or admin panel to help ourselves with items/armors/weapons/etc.

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