Is it possible to Disable the Co-op Tether?

Can we disable the co-op tether completely yet, or is it still there in some fashion?

We haven’t played in a while and wondering if I should do a server or if I can go coop and remove the tether…

You can run a server on your own machine (I believe), ie you don’t necessarily have to pay for a hosted one. But I believe it can be a bit finicky with ports and whatnot to run the server AND play the game from the same machine.

Na, it’s pretty easy to set up as long as you manage the Multihome setup (and set up ports on your router, usual stuff). I run the dev kit, a server, and a Conan Exiles at the same time (from the same computer) all the time for mod testing.

I already replied to the OP on steam, but here is the app for download. The thread has all the info you would need to set it up.

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I think coop fundamentally works like server for one player “Host”. Tether setting just affects area around the host.

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