Isle of Siptah causing blue screen for PS4 Players before they even enter the server?


Me and my friends rented a Conan Exiles server through G-portal. We got the Isle of siptah map, but learned quickly that all PS4 players blue screen before entering the server. They tried joining other players servers as well, and also blue screened. It seems like all servers that are on the Isle of siptah will make PS4 players blue screen before they enter the server. This is the error code they receive: CE-34878-0

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Funcom has turned off decay on official Siptah server’s because of a bug last I heard it was with players down in the southern islands.

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So what would be the solution for this?

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Well my fellow Exile we have been on PS5 since December. You can make a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom com I wish I had a good answer for you. Let our Siptah server lapse since no one was playing on it a few weeks ago so can not experiment. @Community any suggestions

Never done it but you should be able to go to Gportal save your Siptah map and change to Exiles until things are fixed.I believe would talk to Gportal first to be positive

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