Bluescreen constantly

On sever 3534 has been bluescreening every few hrs since the the first age of sorcery update, when i connect the screen flashes for 15 seconds before i can move. 4 days ago it blue screened and bluescreened 4 times trying to load in, i tried later and it loads in for about 30 seconds and bluescreens, tryed a about 15 times every day since


Keep reporting this until it’s fixed had zero problems before 3.0 especially on my ps5 now ps4 players have all quit due to being unable to play

Are you playing Exiled land or Siptah
? I get the flashing when logging in to official not on our private server. If you are playing on Siptah re-download play store has helped some people. @zput2bed

exiled lands on 3534. It is just some severs, not all do it, but I havent been able to play on that 1 sever for 5 days now.

My guess is their try to fix the problem, they have 1000s of severs to fix, just want them to know, so maybe they turned the decay off, so noone lose months of progress


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I have the same problem on 8080 server in isle of siptah it does it to me to i blue screen every time and freeze !

I figured out it’s certain spots on the map, it crashes and gets stuck in a loop, an enemy kill after 6 days of crashes I respawned in the desert and it crashes as soon as I got back to that spot, needless to say everything i had is gone

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