Conan Exiles Solutions for freeze and blue screen? (Ps4)

Dear exiled people,

I’m trying to find solution to have less screen freeze, after what I have to shut down game or blue screens. I don’t know if somebody can help?

I already have changed my setting to the lowest quality, set FoV (Field of View) higher. But the problems still continues, constantly…

It’s getting me frustrated that I have to restart my game everytime I walk (not run) near big bases and still have freeze/blue screen. Or when I come back to my base, same… or when I go in menu to check battlepass, same… Or when I open chests, again… Or when I run too fast with my horse for too long, again… and dont have to try running and opening my map… Want to see “mini movie” at the end of a vault? Guess what…again… Trying sorcery near base? Blue screen…freeze… at least MINIMUM 4-5 times / hour… Imagine playing a game like this? It doesnt give the motivation to continue even if I love the game.

Will it be fixed in the new update 6 December 2022? Or is there any tips I can use to have it less?

Kind regards,

An Exiled Freezer


Welcome to the Forum. I assume you are playing on Official servers. Looking forward to seeing what kind of answers you get. A good cleaning of the Ps4 can help if it is getting hot or making noise.


Thank you for your tips… Yes it is on official. I already completely opened my ps4, cleaned it and same for data storage.


I have I “minor idea” of solution for you to enjoy your gaming hours until we really have a vital solution for our console!
Play In low populated private servers, or single player to a total clean map.
I couldn’t connect to my exile lands map on single player, but I could connect to the other two accounts (son, daughter) without issues! So I knew it, I had to delete and so I did! I deleted builds over 2 years work…
At least now I can play!
On exile lands I do only challenges, I don’t fix bases, I don’t ride horses and I avoid high populated servers with monster builds. On Siptah almost every single server has all the damn south builded with endless bridges and monsters with all the religions, so crushing is certain! Unfortunately official servers are not for ps4 and I don’t know if it will ever be again! Let’s be honest, ps4 couldn’t be adjusted for this extra content on official servers, hoping that it will be adjusted with even more content is a “fools” dream!
But I am a fool, so I hope, but honestly, I expect nothing!
Play in low populated servers and enjoy the game better, this is what I did and enjoyed the game a bit!


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