Conan Exiles Solutions for freeze and blue screen? (Ps4)

Dear exiled people,

I’m trying to find solution to have less screen freeze, after what I have to shut down game or blue screens. I don’t know if somebody can help?

I already have changed my setting to the lowest quality, set FoV (Field of View) higher. But the problems still continues, constantly…

It’s getting me frustrated that I have to restart my game everytime I walk (not run) near big bases and still have freeze/blue screen. Or when I come back to my base, same… or when I go in menu to check battlepass, same… Or when I open chests, again… Or when I run too fast with my horse for too long, again… and dont have to try running and opening my map… Want to see “mini movie” at the end of a vault? Guess what…again… Trying sorcery near base? Blue screen…freeze… at least MINIMUM 4-5 times / hour… Imagine playing a game like this? It doesnt give the motivation to continue even if I love the game.

Will it be fixed in the new update 6 December 2022? Or is there any tips I can use to have it less?

Kind regards,

An Exiled Freezer


Welcome to the Forum. I assume you are playing on Official servers. Looking forward to seeing what kind of answers you get. A good cleaning of the Ps4 can help if it is getting hot or making noise.