Conan Exiles error messages ps4

My friend and I have been having issues with getting a blue screen error message while playing conan exiles. We do not have this issue with any other game. We have both reinstalled the game and it still happens. It is to the point where my friend cant even load into the game with out getting the error message. I can play 30min to an hour before I get it. Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.


Same its been happening for over a month 20+ times a day. Iv reported went to the forums and posted multiple tweets to them. They still ignore them and refuse to fix the game.

Thanks for the heads up! I kind of figured it was a game or server issue! I guess we will continue to play other games!

My experience with blue screens on PS4 after 1000 hours of gameplay is the more you have built with animation the more likely you have to blue screen. For example if you have dozens of pets and thralls with lighting everywhere, each of those items causes animation, if you have a lot of animation (which can also include rivers running and even wind in the grass) in a small area, your game is likely to crash!

Another factor I have noticed is storing weapons and armors in chests/crates/cupboards/weapon displays also causes a bunch of lag and frame-rate issues! After testing multiple builds in multiple locations, the builds that cause the least amount of lag in my server are the ones AWAY from water, with minimal lighting and little to no thrall/pet placement in the immediate area of the base.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much, I spoke with my friend and he said it all makes sense but he hasn’t had any issues until recently. I on the other hand have had to start all over. I can go onto mine and get rid of several things to see if that helps. But he cant even get into his game now without getting the error. I told him he might want to start over but he doesnt want to lose everything!

I also left out, that I invited my friend to my session and it acted like he was going to load in and then he gets the blue screen error message. He plays numerous other games as well as myself and this is the only game it happens on with us

Is this on a single player/co-op server?

Yes it is, we dont play the online

Hi @Shootsum ,
The bad performances are well known for many month now (On line, Off Line) and you can find through the below link the evolution of the freezing process along patches deliveries since last December ?..:
PS4 (fat/slim and Pro) performances from lag to total freeze..
FYI, having been stucked 2 times I had to start from zero each time and it still playable even if freezing each time I don’t respect above recommendations @bostonchrisgaming described very nicely.
Waiting for a nice fix, you might tell your friend to make a copy of the file that cannot be loaded (on a USB key) and to upload it again once the next patch will be delivered, in order to see if it will be fully loaded.

Hey @Shootsum

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration. Our team is looking into an issue that prevents loading save files in single player, causing crashes. Release of this fix might be slightly slower than usual as many of our staff is out for vacations, but it’s one of our priorities right now.
Thanks for the feedback and patience.