Isolated wood can no longer be crafted

Isolated wood can no longer be crafted on the carpenter’s workbench as it is no longer listed and unselectable. An attempt was made to fix this error by restarting the server, which unfortunately was unsuccessful. The error has existed since October 26, 2022.

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You could try crafting say, a trade carpenter bench and check for the insulated wood pattern there

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You have t3 building pieces unlocked?

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Have you recently taken a yellow lotus potion? If so you may have lost your knowledge.

Are you playing online or playing online insulated wood can be admin in

You need tier 2 to unlock insulated wood so you’ll be able to fix insulated wood constructions!
I believe that even if the filters are wrong, insulated wood must be visible, let me check.

These are the 3 filters L3 provides

One for all, one for materials and one for weapons.
R3 has the dlc filters.
So what’s your case @Anbu1995, because if you’re OK with the filters and you have unlocked tier 2 constructions, something is wrong with your game only! Maybe you have to Uninstall and install again.

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