Issues making a server to play with friends

Hi, I’m having issues making servers for me and my friends to play on PC. I’ve tried using the server tool from steam, and downloaded the server making application, but nothing works. We cant see the server, and when we try to direct connect, we get a connection timed out error.

Also, there is an error, with some steam.dll file (new users cant mention other users, and since the error has the ‘at’ sign, i cant paste it here), when i use the tool found on steam, or when i use the methods found on youtube. I have tried verifying my game files, but nothing works.

I have not been able to find a fix for the issue, and was hoping I could get some help for my issue. Thanks in advance!

That dll error. are you sure its a steam error and not a microsoft error? I had something like that happen in a virtual machine. I had to install something…let me see if I can find what the hell I am talking about…1 moment…

EDIT…found it. DirectX error, or something to do with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. If thats the issue, look for a folder…
steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015

Then run the file vc_redist.x64.exe (if you have windows10 64bit). If you have windows 7 32bit run the vc_redist.x32.exe one.

Give that a go, and let us know what server you are doing this on. Is it a gportal one, or your own LAN one, or your PC?

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