Issues with Gamepad "Stick Click" keybindings, & unset bindings resetting on restart

Basic Info:

Platform: Microsoft Store
Issue Type: Gameplay
Server Name: n/a
Mods: None

Bug Description:

I’m having various issues setting and using my newly set keybinding.
I am changing the controller bindings, so these issues may only be present when using a gamepad.

The first overarching problem, is that some of my custom keybinding don’t save. After closing the game and re-launching it, the bindings I had unset revert to their defaults (I want to add here that the FoV setting does the same thing and has forever. Can it get fixed too pretty please).

The specific bindings I am trying to unset are for all of the “Flight Speed” settings on gamepad. They are set to D-Pad directions that are frequently used during building. The bindings I have set that aren’t working properly are for the “Command Stop” and “Command Return” orders for Followers.

I decided to set “Command Return” to Hold Click on my left stick. The function works as expected, but it disables my ability to sprint, despite sprint just being a quick left stick click to toggle it on.

I set “Command Stop” to hold click on my right stick. This function works as expected as well, but it disables my ability to “lock on” to enemies and to use “Building Piece Picker” function with the construction hammer, despite these also being just a quick click.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Enter the settings menu and navigate to keybindings. Using a gamepad, do the following;
    1.(A) Scroll to “Return Command” and set its binding to click and hold the left stick
    1.(B) Scroll to “Command Stop” and set its binding to click and hold the right stick
  2. Scroll to the Debug Section. Remove the Gamepad Keybindings for Increase/Decrease Fly Speed & Increase/Decrease Fly Turn Speed
  3. Load into singleplayer, using a gamepad for the following steps
  4. With a follower active, test out the new keybinding for Command Return & Stop.
  5. Attempt to sprint
  6. Attempt to lock onto an enemy.
  7. Attempt to use the block picker function with a construction hammer
  8. Quit the game to the main menu, or to desktop
  9. Re-launch and navigate to Settings > Keybinds
  10. Notice the keybinds removed in Step 3 have been reset

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