Key bindings not working

So I’ve been having this trouble for some time now. All the time to keybinds I try to input for both my keyboard and mouse, never seem to stick.

I’ve tried re-installing the game, logging off and on, checking the key bindings and everything, but still no luck.


I’ve tried restoring them to default too, but still no luck.

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The fix for this is to reset the Key Bindings to the default and then set them the way you want them. Epic made a change to the Unreal Engine on how they are stored and resetting them corrects the issue.

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I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work.
I’ll change them, apply the changes, exit back into the game, then I’ll go back into key bindings and the actual changes have vanished.

Very unusual. I know this works as intended in the Testlive build and has been around a while now. Have you tried verifying your game files through steam?

I have, yes. Someone mentioned it’s something to do with the ‘Boolean’ code contradicting other keys.

But I have no idea how to remove this.

I have not heard that. It is possible and I do know the issue is with the UE from what I have seen.

Then I’ve no idea what’s going on anymore. :joy:

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I also have a lot of issues with the key bindings…

A lot of them do not work properly when rebinded, since there is several key bindings for the same action.
Actualy, the files were they are stored are completly messed up…

Furthermore, some of them are not even visible in the ingame settings.
That is why it’s almost impossible to change them properly.

I’m on the latest Testlive build, deleting the key bindings files and resetting the settings didn’t changed anything.

Please, can you tell the devs to patch this before the release (meaning re-code the way key-bindings are done) ?
Otherwise I can assure you people will leave as soon as they will experiment those issues in the game day 1 and that’s not something we want…

PS : I’m french so please excuse me for my english !

Hey Nekxes, I found a pretty cool way to resolve them!

You’ll need to transfer everything from your hotbar and move it into your inventory. Once you’ve done that, you need to bring down some food, water or bandages.

Jump from a high place or take some damage so your health goes down, then use your consumable (the bandage, food or water). Once you’ve done that, start putting your weapons back into your hotbar, one by one. Check they work each time! Hope this helps.

I’ve used translate to make it French for you, so I hope it makes sense!

Hey Nekxes, j’ai trouvé une façon assez cool de les résoudre!

Vous devrez tout transférer à partir de votre barre de raccourcis et le déplacer vers votre inventaire. Une fois que vous avez fait cela, vous devez apporter de la nourriture, de l’eau ou des bandages.

Sautez d’un endroit élevé ou faites des dégâts pour que votre santé baisse, puis utilisez votre consommable (vinaigrette, nourriture ou eau). Une fois que vous avez fait cela, commencez à remettre vos armes dans votre barre de raccourcis, une par une. Vérifiez qu’ils travaillent à chaque fois! J’espère que ça t’aide.

J’ai utilisé traduire pour le rendre français pour vous, alors j’espère que c’est logique!

Hey Asera !

Thank you for your answer and you tips, I will try that this evening !
I understand english quite well so you didn’t needed to translate your answer but thank you anyway for doing it. :grinning: