[WORKAROUND] Hotkeys Not Working

I have my hotbar/hotkeys bound 1-8.

They stopped working after a death and after repeated key rebindings, resetting, restarting the client and restarting my computer they still do not work.

I cannot seem to search this forum to see if there are solutions for this but I would like to play the game. No fun if all you can do is run around and hit E.

How is this fixed?

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your game keybinds - in the most recent PC update, custom keybinds were reset in order to resolve an issue: https://forums.funcom.com/t/2383

Can you please try setting up your keybinds again? If they aren’t saving, or otherwise don’t appear to work, please let us know.

I have set to default.

It seems that each time I come out of the water from swimming they no longer work. I think I can reliably recreate it.

It takes a number of attempts to remove the bracelets to get the hotbar to work again, also involving crashing the server on the 2nd one.

Hm, okay. Do I understand correctly that it’s only the hotbar that seems unresponsive? And are you experiencing this issue in single-player, specifically, or in online play?

If you’re using any game mods, you may also want to try fully disabling them and seeing if that helps.

No mods. On a server online. Not single player.

Thank you, I’ve forwarded the report to the team for further review. :cat:

Doing further testing I was able to equip a shield and torch but nothing in the main hand.

Additional information: My character id was 6, I recreated and it became 4464, and before i could even run from the starting point to the river after making a tool and testing, it happened again.

This was also after doing a reinstall overnight, with an additional verify files.

No mods subscribed or installed at this time.


Workaround currently is reordering the hotbar. You cannot stick with your default order.
Once one of the new key works, all tools/weapons should work again.


Another way to work around them is:

You’ll need to transfer everything from your hotbar and move it into your inventory. Once you’ve done that, you need to bring down some food, water or bandages.

Jump from a high place or take some damage so your health goes down, then use your consumable (the bandage, food or water). Once you’ve done that, start putting your weapons back into your hotbar, one by one. Check they work each time! Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your input Asera, this will be forwarded to the devs.

Draco, another work-around that some players have found helpful was posted here, please give it a try: