Cant use weapons or tools in hotbar

Game mode: Single-player (PC)
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: PvE

Can’t attack with weapons or fists, cant use tool. it was working fine, I log off and came back later and the issues was there, I have removed items for hotbar and inventory, killed self, issue still there. also note, if log into a different server the issue is not there.

often times just hitting backspace to go into walk mode can fix it.

Shift + Alt :wink:

nope did not fix, I think it might be a mod I just need to narrow down witch one causeing the issue. (edit) I think found the mod with the issue, it got updated yesterday and others are having the same issue.

I did have a mod that made weapons glow that it prevented me from doing katana and bow attacks. I think they may have update it, but I haven’t gone back to test it yet.

perform one of the emotes and you should be good

ya, it was a mod update that caused the issue.

Mod in question- MultipliedStructuralParts.

removed it and now weapons and tools work.

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