Cant attack with weapons or use tools

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It seems like my hotbar is broken. I am able to equip weapons and tools, but when I click the mouse buttons to swing them, nothing happens. If I un-equip them, I am able to swing fists. I can still press E to pick up rocks or whatever while the weapon/tool is equipped. Also, the character is stuck in “combat stance” even while idle.

Things I have tried:

remove all items from inventory, reboot game
disable all mods
recreate single player game
several emotes with and without items equipped
put consumable on hotbar, use, and then place item in that slot
equip 2 handed item
crouch, dodge, jump, climb with and without items equipped.

it seems like others have had this or a similar problem and have found weird ways to get the issue to resolve, but I can’t seem to find a solution that works for me.

edit: also, cannot sprint while holding weapons. and when equipping items, the little equip animation doesnt happen. like they toss the axe in their hand, or spin a sword around. i cannot use the wield/unwield key while an item is equipped, but it works fine when there is no item in hand.