PC Update 33: Can't equip weapon or tool

After the update my character is not able to hold a weapon or a tool, dont matter which one. Died several times and startet the game new but nothing helped


I have a similar bug, I cannot equip with dagger or with bow and I cannot use other tools or weapon although I can equip them.
I cannot fight even has naked hand

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Question, guys…did any of you mod a weapon or item?

i upgraded my sword

I put a thread in Support having the same issue. The main hand cannot wield anything.

All mods were unsubscribed to, nothing installed.
Restarted character.
Reinstalled the game overnight.
Still having an issue.

Unable to play the game if you cant gather/kill.

That’s what started it for me. I modded my new greatsword with a +Durability mod and boom. Was unable to equip sword. I’m still able to equip tools, or other swords, but cannot swing with them. I can’t kick, either. On the other hand, I seem to be immune to poison, cripple an other combat related status effects now.

We’ll look into this. Any additional information you guys can give us is helpful!


Official Server #403 - PVE-F

Logged in yesterday and blitzed Arena to unlock Dragonbone Weapons.
Crafted a Dragonbone Great Sword out of spare parts at my tower near there.
Used the sword extensively during the day…it was about at 50% durability by evening.
My Clanmate wanted my help killing the Crocodile Field Boss in the Lagoon on the S river near “The Sentinels” (I STILL prefer to call them “The Hockey Hosers”, IMHO. :P)

Before heading down from the Arena area, I whipped up +endurance mods for my sword and both +endurance mods and some Armor Repair kits for my Flawless Heavy Armor (would have had epic, but am unable to place structures ATM) using a stack of Hardened Steel I had lying around. I modded them and proceeded to the Lagoon. On the way, I was attacked by a group of Hyenas on the S River. Went to whip out my sword and…nothing. It refused to be drawn. In desperation, I went to draw my Black Ice pick and and drew, but will not swing. Kick doesn’t even work.

Switching to my Black Ice Longsword back at my main base and storing my Dragonbone Greatsword didn’t result in the ability to fight again. It’s been almost 12 hours since this incident and I still have zero combat capability. Looking at it, it is like my character is physically incapable of entering combat stance.

Today, I noticed the “upside” of this situation. Blitzing between bases since I’m unable to hack and slash my way there, I noticed that while I was taking damage from hyenas and spiders, I am not taking status effects. No poison or crippled statuses. As I was getting them prior to “The Incident”, I must assume the two are related.

I’m now having the same issue. As soon as it plays the equip animation my toon puts their arms back down to their sides as if nothing is in their hands. The item (tool, weapon, etc) still shows in hand but acts as if nothing is.
Before the glitch I was dying some of the new armor sets, crafting some of pieces as well. I found I was out of grey dye so I went out to go harvest some. Some sprinting and climbing later I found some to harvest only to find I couldn’t use my sickle. It was made of star metal if that matters. Most of my handhelds are high tier. It’s a private server with only a couple people online right now. It happened roughly 45 minutes before this post.

For the ones having this issue, can you please post the following:

  1. Weapon / Tool type you had on your hotbar when it occurred.
  2. Upgrade type attached to weapon / tool.
  3. Activities you performed before this issue occurred, including dying and re-spawning, PVE or PVP activities, etc.

Hotbar was:
Flawless Acheronian Longsword, Star Metal Pick (Modded for gathering I think, been a while since I placed the mod on it, way before the patch.), Star Metal Daggers, Star Metal Sickle, Numbing Wraps 8, Roasted Haunch 14, Waterskin (was empty when I noticed glitch)
Armor was mostly reinforced light wraps and climbing gear
I was crafting stuff and dying it for some time before I noticed the glitch. Just before I was fiddling with new armors, I was DCed while being mauled by the walking hyena people in the camp just above the Mitra oasis. When I returned, though, I was able to pull out my daggers and defend myself at that time. There were three however and was at half health before I could and was thus slain. Respawned back at my base and began crafting. My server does not have drop upon death so I had no need to go back to my corpse for the mats I had gathered.

seems to be with every weapon upgrade, got the Problem with harded steel picke, 2 Hand sword, 1 Hand and the shield too, i noticed that i sometimes got 2 Images of one item in my hotbar. I am on PVE Server, sometimes it happens when i Change weapons, or when i die

Issue occured on Server #403 - PVE-F (US)

  1. Weapon/Tools in Hotbar - Dragonbone Greatsword in #1 (made after patch), Black Ice Pick in #2 (made before patch), Star Metal Hatchet in #5 (made before patch). All other slots were filled with either building pieces or workstations. Save for 20 or so Roasted Haunches in Slot #8. At the time I was unarmored, but had a Full Set of Flawless Heavy and Flawless Star Metal (both pre-patch) in my inventory.
  2. Upgrade Used - Advanced Reinforcement kit on Dragonbone Greatsword (also added 5 others to Flawless Heavy Armor Set)
  3. Prior to “The Incident” I was in the North near the Frost Temple on a mission of obelisk tagging. On route I found a bag of supplies (I assume they were from someone’s chest that got despawned). I snagged those, got overencumbered , and receieve aggro from a Mammoth, which I then proceeded to kill with said Greatsword. Overencumbered and far from base, I removed bracelet and was “deathported” to my Arena Base in the SE, where I proceeded to unload in my storage room. At that time, an orgmate requested my help over Discord, asking for assistance with the Croc Boss on the river. As I had time, I decided it would be a good idea to repair said Greatsword and mod it for endurance, as it had already taken much durability damage in the last few hours. I found a stack of Hardened Steel in my storage bin and made the Advanced Reinforcement kit and modded the weapon, crafted five Master Armor Patch Kits to repair my highly damaged Heavy Armor. After that I made 5 additional Advanced Reinforcement kits and modded my Heavy Armor as well. I then proceeded to go SW towards the Sentinels. I was just south of Gallaman’s Tomb when I ran into the Hyenas and discovered my newly modded sword failed to work.

We both “deathported” back to base before we realized the glitch? Though, I didn’t do it by means of bracelet. We both were crafting just before as well. I didn’t repair anything nor did I mod anything during this time. Only applied dyes to armors that I had crafted. Also of note if it matters, we’re both apparently using discord while playing. That might be a stretch but might as well state it.

I hadn’ t though of the deathport. Mostly because I’d been dying and teleporting all day, so I didn’t see anything unusual about it.

Did you happen to be in battle stance when you deathported? I was in combat when I died. Might have something to do with it maybe?

Also, forgot to mention specifically that I’m playing on a PC.

I only have issues trying to equip anything in main hand.

It typically occurs after swimming. Even persists through multiple deaths and removal of bracelets.

I even recerated the character and before I could run to the river it happened again.

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  1. Black Ice Longsword / Shield / Bow / 39 Roasted Haunches / … + Vanir Armor
  2. no Mods
  3. no melee and harvesting after deathport to my base in the frozen north (Bow is ok)

And that’s another that’s getting it after the Deathport. Well, that’s more than co-incidence, now. Apparently there’s a bug in the death system that renders you unable to enter combat mode and draw certain weapons.

Yep, and also just confirmed that it does not seem to effect bows. At least I have one mode of defense.