[xbox]cant swing/equip weapons

im getting a bug where i can visually hold some weapons/tools but it keeps me in “movement mode” and never lets me swing them.
also some weapons allow first person, idk if this was related but sometimes your head separates from your body allowing you to spin your head 360 degrees

Try the following.

  1. Clear your hotbar circle.
  2. Add a consumable to your hotbar (food, potion, etc).
  3. Equip your weapon to a hotbar slot that is NOT 1 (down), 2 (down-left), or 3 (left). I use 7 (right) personally.
  4. Try using weapon.

If it works, you can rebuild your hotbar as normal, but as long as your weapon is in 1, 2 or 3, it will do this again upon your next death.

i don’t think this prevents the issue in the slightest because i had 1 berry juice 2 aloe juice 3 raw exotic meat and it still occurred but you may be on the right track with the fix cause it kinda works but i feel like its missing a step or 2

Or needs a step or two less. It’s basically based on desperate people trying desperate things. And it’s not quite a fix, it’s a workaround. We won’t get a proper fix until the devs can duplicate, isolate, and patch out the issue.