Attack buttons do not work

Support, can you please acknowledge that you know this problem for xbox? The game is now completely unplayable for many days now,for many of us, because of this. That’s a huge deal. Cannot use any weapon or tool. Some wont even be brought out,such as swords. Its on another thread in support,but I don’t believe its been seen by support.

Same for pc, can’t even use tools

I found a pretty cool way to resolve them!

You’ll need to transfer everything from your hotbar and move it into your inventory. Once you’ve done that, you need to bring down some food, water or bandages.

Jump from a high place or take some damage so your health goes down, then use your consumable (the bandage, food or water). Once you’ve done that, start putting your weapons back into your hotbar, one by one. Check they work each time! Hope this helps!