On PC, can't attack / use tools

Ever since the 18 gb update I cannot use tools or weapons. I have changed my keybindings but it doesn’t help. Whenever i press x to bring out weapon / tool i get sprint/jump/interact/climb in the bottom right, I can only get attack/special attack/offhand / dodge to show in the bottom right if i am barehanded. What is going on? game is unplayable after a year right now
Any help would be appreciated

I found a pretty cool way to resolve them!

You’ll need to transfer everything from your hotbar and move it into your inventory. Once you’ve done that, you need to bring down some food, water or bandages.

Jump from a high place or take some damage so your health goes down, then use your consumable (the bandage, food or water). Once you’ve done that, start putting your weapons back into your hotbar, one by one. Check they work each time! Hope this helps.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot

didn’t work, can’t use tools to mine, or anything, can’t attack

having same issue on xbox

Sorry to hear of the trouble. The devs are aware of this issue and it’s being investigated. Please try this work-around and see if it helps:

workaround doesn’t work.Game is unplayable, literally