Hot Bars do not work after death?

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Sometimes when I die, my hot bars jam up and i cannot put anything in either of my hands, not shield, torch, bandage, food won’t work, no weapons or crafting either.

I log in and out, nothing, I try putting things in a box, nothing, I try unequipping everything , nothing.

I have 0 keybindings all of mine are default.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2. Randomly not be able to use anything or equip anything upon respawn.
3. last time this happend i just logged out for the day came back this moring and it was fine, but I can’t play tomorrow so this kind of sucks.

when this happens, try one of these workarounds, it’s a current known bug:

  • play an emote, any you want
  • hit twice the space bar
  • equipe a 2-handed-weapon

one of these solutions works for most people, give it a trial.

Ok thank you! Will try tonight after work