Cannot equip anything... and a fix

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I have recreated a character three times now because of this bug, as I could not find a way to get around it till now. The character becomes bugged where pressing a hotkey 1-8 to equip a shortcut bar item does not equip the item and the char is in fists up position. I do not know what causes the bug, but it’s a game ender.

Fix: Put all shortcut bar stuff into a container (such as a bench or box) and relog.

or press backspace twice

There are realy lot of treads about this bug. It’s now a realy well know bug.

There are different workarounds helping most people:

  • play an emote, any
  • hit twice the space bar
  • equipe a 2-handed-weapon

i’m sure some will also succeed doing other stuff, but these are the most successful workaround.