Issues with missing weapons and Clans co-op


I play single player co-op with a friend and we have been having a couple of issues that seem to always happen.

Firstly, my friend’s weapon/tool keeps vanishing. Whatever he is using it’ll most likely vanish. (No, it’s not broken or dropped.) I never have any of my items vanish, it’s just his item and usually the one he is using.

Another issues is that I cannot make a clan on single player co-op. Every time that I try the game crashes. This is really annoying because I cannot place any type of defense thrall or use dancers in fear of them attacking my friend! Also, I have to remove all my doors in my base just so he could get around without being locked inside.

I don’t know if these are known but I just wanted to offer my input into testing out the game. Even with these bugs, I really enjoy the game!

Have an awesome day!


Edit: PC/Steam version

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This also happens all the time on xbox too. This needs to get fixed or co-op is useless.

When I am playing co-op and my friend loses his weapon, I use the ADMIN rights to spawn the item that disappeared. Agreed this is a bug that needs to be fixed, but that is how we are currently dealing with this bug until it is fixed.

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Agreed. Also although i seemed harsh i’m not hating on the game at all. I rented my own server for my buddies and i and i play the game regularly. It’s definitely in my top three favorite games of all time.

You don’t mention if you are playing on Live version or TestLive version. So I’ll assume Live.
We have fixed a few issues related to this, and are pretty confident that it’s no longer an issue on our internal builds. Those fixes might be on the current TestLive version.

Pretty sure clans work fine internally as well, so give it a go when the next patch comes out.
(If you’re impatient, you can sync your game to the TestLive branch and test it right now.)

XBox will also get these fixes.

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I am not using any specific server. I am just logging into the XBox under Single-Player (PvE). In addition to gear disappearing randomly from personal inventory while playing Co-Op, there is another issue. If the co-op player that joins my game uses a bow there are times when the arrows do not fly when attacking by bow. Unless the game server controlling character gets into a specific position then the bow use is very buggy, which I have to say does add a little more excitement when you are attacking the red dragon and do not know when your bow will shoot arrows. LOL

Both the problem with arrows not firing sometimes, and the critical error of items in the hot bar disappearing randomly on co-op are happening in our co-op game as well. The arrow issue I think can be corrected by quickly unequipping and re-equipping the bow again (i.e. push its hotkey twice on the bar) but the problem with items disappearing from the hot bar at random is pretty game-breaking, and significantly impairs co-op gameplay.

Unfortunately I don’t see anything that tells me whether I am playing the Live version or the TestLive version. All I can say is that it is the standard early access downloaded from steam.

Then its safe to assume you guys are playing Live version, not the TestLive version.

Easy way to confirm this is on Live (older version) you can fight in 1st person mode, and in TestLive(most current fixes applied) you can only melee fight in 3rd person.

I can fight in 1st person although I usually opt to fight in 3rd person so LIVE it is!

When I went into my friend’s game in co-op mode, I tried unequipping and then re-equipping my bow when it stopped firing arrows and that did not work.