Issues with mount system

Game mode: [Online private
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [RP/PvP]
Region: [North America]

[Guarding mounts falling through mesh and dissappearing]

  1. I am having problems finding anywhere on any surface, flat or other wise to find a place to park my horse. When I do it rolls about as if on a see saw that kids play on.
  2. I parked my horse recently and it has fallen through the mesh terrain and I could not find it but its still alive. I can hear it runnig but its gotten stuck.

NOte: I know a private server admins have to deal with player issues. However, this is a funcom problem not a mod problem involving mounts and terrain. Furthermore this is an issue that involve several problems that are also causing this to happen.

Terrian image or what ever it is and the mesh are not lined up. We have a problem with the nodes and the mesh being lined up and solid. Essentially it’s as if the ground has fallen down and the image has not. I know there is more to this but that is the observation.

Unable to reproduce your issue with the given information in vanilla.

Known issue with various Followers. The next update should help with that with it’s new rescue system.

hopefully looking forward to it. also to be fair. it was not ‘known’ to me.
But thanks for showing that people are aware of it.

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