Issues with private server

Have my own private server, my friends location marker keeps disappearing from the map,I can’t build at the witch queen temple on the private server but can on the single which makes no sense,my journey steps keep resetting, and all my markers on the map keep disappearing whether I make them my self or they are a discovered location. Please fix this have done to much work to have to start over AGAIN!

Please write a bug report in the appropriate section of the forum :wink:

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But in a bug report he can describe the problem and list his mods, maybe even other players can help him before the devs see it, if it is caused by a mod. If it is not caused by a mod, then it is a bug of the game itself, which no server-admin can fix.
It is clearly not a ‘general discussion’ :wink:

@Hotmommaturtle you listed this under PS4 so you are running a ps4 gportal server right?

Have you gone into gportal site and checked your settings lately. I have had a ps4 server over 2 years now and never run across this issue. I have used all the allowed map markers. Moving this to bug report would be best. @Narelle could you help move this and do you have any ideas on the problem thank you in advance.

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Ah, overlooked that small PS4-tag. So, no mods…

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