Markers disappear from the map and opening locations and clan members are not visible

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  1. no mods. the game was reinstalled twice, deleted together with steam. Online private

Created a character on a new server and noticed that the first time you log on to the server when pumping a character, everything works. All new places are opened and shown on the map. Initial tasks (eat and drink water-are performed and counted, they are given experience) But the problem is that after leaving the game or in the main menu and reconnecting to the game server, the map is empty, there is not a single marker on the map, all that I opened before is not what is not. I don’t see my fellow clan member on the map . I have tasks burning again (eat and drink, when they are performed, nothing happens) those locations that I opened when I first went to the server, do not open again and now do not appear on the map, I do not see altars on the map, while a friend tells me that everything works for him. I have already deleted the game twice and downloaded it again, nothing helps. Help, you can’t play without a map.

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