Issues with sheathing a weapon


I use hammer/shotgun on my alt. Since both weapons are sheathed on the back in the same direction, they overlap and that looks stupid. So I configured the shotgun to be invisible when sheathed :

When I now stand there, with my hammer active, the shotgun is not visible. This is fine :

When I activate sprint at this point, the hammer is put on the back and the shotgun is not shown. This is fine too :

However, if I activate sprint while I have the shotgun in my hand and the hammer on the back

I end up with both weapons being invisible. This is not fine :

On another alt, I tested a similar setup with Blade + Elementalism Focus and this does not happen with that combination.

Bonus issue : I tend to lose sprint a lot of times once the sheathe animation finishes after sprint is already active after a fight. (This also happens in TSW.)


I believe the way it is supposed to work, when weapons share a position, is for the last active to be shown. Since you had the shotty out last, this is what is ‘shown’. Both of them showing, when not ticked as invisible, is the bug i think.

Correct me if im wrong, but Blade and Ele dont sit on the same side, in which case the above would not be an issue.