Issues with Transportory Stones

So its my frist time using these stones.
Ive also looked everywhere for resolving this issue before comming here.

I transported to a destination where Ive linked another, and it randomly destroyed itself. Ive used these two twice so far with no issues, cept just now.
I have one located inside my base and it is still fine, the other is near a friends base where he asked me to place it. It was placed on a little unbreakable mountain, he hasnt dealt with the purge as of yet since building it.

So anyone have any clue as to why this would have happened? Was it located to close to his base? Can thralls destroy structures they get stuck into? I don’t understand why this has happened. Please help! :pleading_face:

Check your Event Log.

Was it placed by itself or on top of foundations? If by itself, it could have decayed. Placeables should always be put on top foundations to extend their decay timer, higher tier foundations will add more time than lower tiers.

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Yeah i dont see anything in the Event Log of it decaying or even being destroyed. Yeah it was placed by itself no foundations added.

(Edit): Ive only placed it about 9 hours ago too hasnt really been long.
Also forgot to add I’m on a PVE official server.

I would try again with some foundations underneath. Get a repair hammer to check the timer once placed to see.

I haven’t tried the transport stones yet myself. But that’s the plan for the next couple days :smiley:

Good luck!


I think the foundations worked out for it, i guess its not much of an outside type of equipment. Ive gone back and fourth several times just farming and it seems to be doing much better in a little hut.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions. The foundations kept my transportory up :grin:

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I’ve seen plenty of outdoor ones so maybe you just need the foundations and not a whole hut. But whatever works.

I guess if you don’t put a door on it your friend can use it to teleport to your base to visit :smiley:

Yeah i didnt put doors on em lol im worried about the purge happening at one of them cause my luck lol


Haha! Hopefully no purge disaster!

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