Transpotory stone missing

One of my transportory stone vanished a second time. Built near Watchtower, underneath direct to the water. 18.1. it was there, today i saw, it is not.
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Did it decay? You can see via the event log.

no, there was no message in event log, it appeared like never been there.
but this is already the second time this happenend

was it on foundations or just sitting bare on the ground? If you just put it directly on the ground, it will decay, and I believe its in less than a day (assuming you are on a server with decay turned on).

No, it was on Foundation, black ice, and decay timer showed 168 h

Foundations are still there, and if it had decayed, there would have been an entry in event log

Is this a pve or pvp server?

6010 - official PVE

What I would do, is take teleport coords (ctrl+shift+alt+L), use the template and reference this thread so FC can pick up the report in the morning. There may be something going on at that spot.


I don´t know how to do that, i´m glad got this forum topic started

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and i´ve seen in old forum entries, that this happened earlier bevor. maybe someone from stuff can fix that, they should know this problem. Thanks

Maybe someone responsible read this, here are the coordinates:

TeleportPlayer 237387.03125 -96583.148438 -18596.314453

so noone else has this problem? nobody has to say something?

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Did you make a bug report and reference the thread? If its a bug and FC is going to address it, they’ll want the template filled out since it seems like a specific bug given no one else is saying “me too!” (Assuming there isnt a mundane explanation). They cant fix anything wrong if they dont have enough information to reproduce it.

Welcome to the forums fellow exile! In this forum exists players from all around the world and all the consoles available! Giving coordinates helps only pc players, not console players, we don’t have these details! This problem that you have will find solution or help from the pc discussion, bug section.
So i will beg the @Community to transfer this post to the correct section.
About “working stations” that disappear or building items it’s not the first time i read this problem. Giving the exact coordination helps a lot. I remember having similar issues years ago on Xhell ha docs on jungle.
My solution? To move my base a little bit further!
So i will suggest you to keep the photos and the coordinations you have for the bug report and move your foundations a little bit further until the problem is fixed!
Loosing items in official server is at your own risk, you ain’t going to take materials back no matter who’s the fault is. Then do not build there anymore.
Plus you could always fill a report on Zendesk too. The reaction may be faster!
Good luck fellow exile, welcome to the forum :grin:.

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I’d recommend posting a screenshot of the spot where you built the platform (especially if the platform is still there) so anyone trying to do a repro can build in the exact spot to see the bug happening.

hi all together.
the reason why i built my base there was the chance, to take a blacksmith-thrall, because i needed one.
Meanwhile i plundered some decayed bases from other players and found more blacksmithes than i can use, so i removed my base from the location underneath the Watchtower. I did not know, that locating this problem is thus difficult, i´m no programmer. I just wondered how this could happen. I don´t want any materials back, i have plenty. I´m sorry i didn´t find the right section for my post and that i don´t know how to make a bug report. bye

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