Item transfer since 3.0

Is it just me, or did transferring items from inventory-to-storage (or the reverse) get changed somehow?

Ever since 3.0, I try doing shift-drag to transfer just a partial stack, and the whole stack is immediately transferred. Never had this issue before, but happens to me frequently now.

I know shift-click transfers the whole stack, so maybe it’s me just not holding the button down properly, but I never had that happen before 3.0.

Still works fine for me 100% of the time. Is it possible your shift key is intermittently failing you?

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I don’t think so. Never noticed failing while I type. My mouse may be more of an issue.

Yea, just now had several issues with my mouse. I hold the button down, and it transfers 2 stacks of items faster than I ever could. It must have something wrong with it.

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