New Inventory and shortcuts are a mess

Not only do I not understand why some functions that used to be on the F Key moved to Q and some stayed on F, but the inventory is not only less usable than before, in parts it is completely broken

  • you have to click on quick stack to change the button to Give All
  • when using give all to a chest, some items simply disappear in the transfer
  • put one item in a chest and suddenly you can’t put anything else in the chest
  • the new splitting is just plain stupid

On an unrelated note: how do i tell my thrall to retreat if i am not standing right beside him?

Oh yes and: Give me back my mouse pointer in the action wheel.

You call this QoL improvements? Ridiculous


  • after relog the disappearing items reappeared
  • doubleclicking items to transfer them works once and then not anymore

-somebody started a purge in the neighbourhood and all bases stopped loading

It seems i can put resources into a chest but no tools, weapons, armor. Only if I do give all. This absolutely ridiculous


I agree, I am not impressed the Inventory looks like someone 10 years old would come up with and why does it have to be so damn small.


Just for clarity - am I corrct in understanding -
you are on PC playing with keyboard and mouse and no longer have a mouse pointer in the radial menus, is that correct? So we now have to what? spin the mouse in order to select options from the raidal menu? If so, that is going back to a terrible primitive system that was considered out of date in 2010 when Ubisoft were still doing direct console to pc ports of the Assassin’s Creed games with no attempt to fit with KB/M.


yes exactly


I like the smaller look. Aside from that, most of the changes are rediculous.

Like the lack of a custom inventory option.

That single change is worth uninstalling. (If they intend to keep it that way.)

Better games to play that are actually fun, and not irritating.

Also I won’t have to come to these forums and complain anymore.

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Mostly agree, chest have broken multiple times after item transfers and have had to relog to fix so clearly client side issue, no shift drag for specific amounts is ridiculous and literally didnt change anything in the ui buttons to leave ingame as it opened a popup before and still could, action wheel movement didn’t need changing and is horrid (maybe good for those with controllers?? but for mouse is just yuck). However the quick stack button is great for sorting items, 1 click and it deposits items already in the container which allows dedicated storage containers, second click (give all) empties inv to container, actually really like this feature although took me a few plays around to work out what was going on.

edit: shift drag and shift-enter drag are really needed for many things but especially for golems (placing 1 of each desired item in their inventory slots to avoid them gathering junk is super clunky with only split as an option and definately not a QoL improvement to of lost it)

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the new inventory UI is frankly quite ugly. Sorry Funcom.


You can assign some keyboard shortcuts.
ESC - Settings - Controls - on the left, select “Fight” - then scroll to the bottom and see “Orders…”

  • move
  • defend/wait
  • go back
  • run away
    Assign keyboard shortcuts and experiment.
    Unfortunately, the very convenient “Stop!” command has been removed, which allowed you to put satellites into completely passive mode, as well as teleport satellites to your character.

The inventory apart from being really stupid now, is completely broken.
I put in one Tool, the 2nd doesn’t go in.
All ancestry knowledge is gone, i relog it is there again.
Now Icn put one tool in a chest and then it doesn’t accept anymore.
For me in this state, the game is unplayable.
Guess I will go into refresh mode until a patch is being rolled out.
Every friggin patch Funcom, every single one.
You should have to do the walk of shame, seriously


the inventory is trash now, i have like 40% of unused gray area, and the inventory is hidden in a small, little, tiny window… overloaded with a lot of little cute buttons, where I’m 100% sure i won’t use any of them… because theyre even to small to read… and yeah things i can see, i cannot use by rightklick now, instead it’s splitting, so i have to use the “use” button. Thanks for great idea though. Because that’s what a player usually does, he splits the items in half and half more often than he “uses” the items, right?
I guess this is how developer want to tell people to take a brake untill stuff is fixed. Because testing is to expensive novadays.


The inventory sorting is stupid. Egregious. Roll this shit back. Please give us our specific stack splitting and our CUSTOM sorts back. PLEASE.


:brazil: Conan Exiles feedback pc xbox ps4 bug

A solução está após 1:00 minuto que mostra como resolver fiz um print acima com a opção marcada

Para quem entendeu como se faz poderá jogar sem problemas, quem não soube fazer deixo o F… :brain:

A complete roll back is the only acceptable option. I doubt they’ll do it, but it’s what they should do.


Dude, is that the only comment you have? It has been almost a week, there is not going to be a roll back. We are going to get a double harvest , if that.
There have been worse patches without roll back.

To reiterate, I have done 4 decays since, done the whole hunt several times for the followers and grinding fangs for the trade items. If they roll back now, I will be gone, if they don’t you may be gone.
It’s a lose lose scenario for funcom, because either way they will lose a fantastic player :smiley:

Nah, but it’s the most IMPORTANT comment because it’s what they should do.

There have not been worse updates. I’ve been here for all of them. This is the worst one they have ever done. This is the one that needs to be rolled back.

Don’t want to lose you, bud, but I do want to be able to play the game that I purchased, not this atrocity. Rolling back the update doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose all that stuff either. It’s not a full progress roll back, just the update’s changes and they can very easily reimburse you for what you might lose in that process. What they can’t do is reimburse me for the entire game game I will have lost because of the update, the game I can no longer play because of how horrible it has become. One of these things is clearly far more important than the other.


In that case, I would very much demand a rollback to 2.0, meaningful thralls that make a difference, no sorcery, no battle pass, no bazaar and less useless resources, no thrall limit and no admins on official servers :slight_smile:

And if you have been around, in terms of what the consequences were this is by far not the worst patch.
Perhaps you haven’t been affected by the other patches that much, but in terms of server impact, there were far worse ones. This one affects you more than me, therefore for you in an anecdotal sense it might be the worst, but that is a subjective view :slight_smile:


Yes, it absolutely was. I’ve been through it all and this is the one that is going to prevent me from playing the game.

You lost me with a few of these. I’m going to assume that the update is just pushing you towards complete regression, because I could best understand it that way.

Maybe this is just opinion, but I think it’s one a lot of people actually share. I’ve been around since 2018 and while I still don’t want to quit, I definitely don’t want to play like this and won’t until a majority of these issues are resolved.

Sorry to hear that. WHile I am having problems with the inventory, I still can play.
Still, in terms of server impact, this, while being bad, is far from the worst, I even have higher fps now

it was in reply to Macdallan, not meant entirely serious :slight_smile:

Most people I talked with sahre the view, that it is really bad, but most agree that there actually have been worse ones, e.g. all thralls decaying, everything on nemedian foundations decayin etc