Items not repairing fully that are crafted with any extra durability from thralls

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
Map (Exiled Lands)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

When an item is crafted with a thrall (normal or epic) and is damaged and then repaired the durability only repairing to the default value as if it has not been crafted with extra durability. The durability bar shows that the piece of armor is not fully repaired and keeps trying to repair it consuming resources. The thaum bench recognized a piece of armor is not fully repaired and will not illusion it.

Armor tested: aquilonian helmet / chest (normal and epic), hyb slaver chest/helm/waist (normal and epic), voidforge gladius, all iron tier weapons

Non thrall created weapons repair normally

Steps to replicate:

  1. Slot a thrall into a blacksmith/armor bench/carpentry bench
  2. Craft an item
  3. smack smack an enemy
  4. Repair with materials in inventory or repair in bench, or repair with kit
  5. Observe durability is stuck at a very even and familiar number,
  6. Attempt to repair again, notice that resources are still being consumed, the gears are grinding but nothing is happening

Image below shows where this iron mace crafted by a bladesmith has stopped. Clicking the repair button costs 6 iron, does nothing.


EDIT: Godbreaker boots and nemedian helmet will restore the durability of weapons/bows to their full maximum. No way to fully repair armor though.


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