Jhebbal Sag dungeon broken

While running the Jhebbal Sag dungeon, the glowing gate to the first boss area is missing. After killing the boss (panther), glowing gates appear at both the entrance and exit blocking any way to leave the area.

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I did the dungeon the other day on PlayStation with no issues. Do you have mods on your server? Are you on official or single player? PC has a few other factors involved with bug potential, due to the modding capabilities.

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The gates seem to do their own thing in that dungeon sometimes. Not just the first boss and it is not consistent. You should always check that the doors are closed before the fight, because after the fight, they will be in the opposite state.


The entrance to this dungeon is broken by other players. If you enter a dungeon and exit quickly, the doors will not have time to open and the next time you enter, all doors will open. (This is done to get right to the last boss). If you kill some bosses after that, the dunge starts chaos, because some of the doors are open, some are closed, etc.

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If you log out while inside the dungeon it’ll pop you back to the start of the dungeon, my friend and I do this whenever the door after the bull boss glitches out.

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