Grove of Jhebbal Sag question

I went through the dungeon no less than 30 minutes ago upon being told I am worthy I walked out of the dungeon as it gave me a path to the exit. I don’t have my desired religious beliefs I honestly liked the whole dungeon and believe religious beliefs in this game should be earned however. I don’t have it and was wondering did I miss anything? I killed the boss 2 bosses I figured there was a third but I could not find it. Only killed the first boss I found twice, half the time in had no HP recovery items so maybe I over looked it but if anyone can tell me the path markers for the dragon head? When you arrive I only managed to miss the right exit. So yeah any help minimal spoilers if possible.

Also is it normal after meeting the intro guy to be ambushed by everything after speaking to him? Seriously ruined that city for me. Gonna burn it down eventually…

There are more than two bosses in the dungeon.
What I think is meant to happen is when you kill the first boss two passages which have been closed off will open. One leads to the dungeon entry/exit point (which will allow quicker travel to where you die later on) and the other starts to lead you to the next boss in the sequence.
If I say much more then I’ll be giving spoilers. Unless you want to know how many bosses you are meant to encounter.

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No that’s fine thanks I figured I went the wrong direction then. Thanks I’ll just tackle it in the morning.

I had a strange bug in Midnight Grove. As soon as I arrive I see the door to my right open. I cross it without it closing and I’m at the bull boss. I jumped the panther and the gorilla … I kill the bull and I go down. In less than a minute I’m at the last boss and I’ll kill him.

I had already been in this dungeon and had barely reached the last boss who had killed me.

I came back to get revenge and I found this strange situation.
I think it’s a bug, but it gave me an advantage.

After you defeat the werewolf boss at the end, you have to harvest its body and eat the flesh. Only after doing so will you gain the Jhebbal Sag religion.


But @Larathiel he specifically asked in his first post in the last line: minimal spoilers!!! Your post totally gives spoilers !!! Very helpful but … needs to be vague: Eg you haven’t found all the bosses, one will allow you to complete learning the religion - first time through I advise harvesting all bosses with a cleaver - you will thank me later.

It was clear to me at least when he said he fought two bosses and then exited that he hadn’t explored all the dungeon. Hence my post explained about two doors opening after a boss kill - one to entrance/exit and one towards next boss.
I confirmed for him that there WAS more than two bosses to find but not how many … specifically asking that I would reveal only if HE wanted it revealed.


I had a similar situation or experience but with the Abyssal abomination, the temple kept automatically triggering on and off ruining my first experience of it however it assisted me in running back fast enough with out a bow because I never even had one so luckily I got my supplies back that my pal held for me. I tanked it to death. Lol…

Oh hell, I totally missed that last line somehow. Sorry @SabunoHakia. :disappointed:

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Don’t worry about it, if you didn’t see it in may have edited my text as I end up speaking poorly about in person and though text, but honestly if I didn’t edit my words its fine either way. Love the discussion though :blush:

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Oh!! You meant the spoilers oh, no, no I already knew it was a werewolf as the finale I made that assumption based off whom I bought the potion from and did not read your post as I tend to skim and went back to see what I replied to and find out if I messed up. Lol quite alright my good bud.

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Lol this post was funny.

Ah well thanks for saying so, that’s a relief! :slightly_smiling_face:

And I understand about editing. I rarely get my thoughts written down 100% correct on the first try, so the Edit button is something I have to use quite often too. :sweat_smile:

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