Midnight Grove bugged?

Hi guys,

is the bull at the midnight grove bugged? We killed it two times now but we’re hardstuck down there and can’t escape because we can’t climb since its a dungeon?

How do we get out?

Walk through the pathway on the otherside.

Well the way doesnt open. Thats the problem. The gate wont open even though we kill the boss.

I wasn’t even aware there was a gate. I thought you just ran up the path on the side.

Assuming you talking about the bull.

If you are talking about the last boss, harvest hit, eat the meat, then go through the lion head gate and step on the glowing pool.

The path which is open on this vid, closes as soon as you kill the boss. At least yesterday it was like this. the gate was open until you killed him and then it closed and we were stuck. So we waited and ran out as soon as he respawnd because the gate did open then. We killed the Endboss then and ate his meat but we didnt get the receipes in the firebowl neither in the oven. Im pretty, pretty sure this dungeon is bugged.

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