Jhebbalsag still has no real hitbox

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5/ps5
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official/ all gamodes
Server Type: PvP /all types
Map: Exiled Lands both maps
Server Name: 3125 all servers

Bug Description:
You still cant hit the Jhebbalsag with explosive and gas arrows, the arrow just fly throu the Avatar.
It makes the Avatar almost indestructable.

You can still damage the Jhebbalsag on about 10% on his body with Bombs but thats still useless

Other than that it just takes fire damage…

I should probably add that BEFORE the Jhebbalsag hotfix the fire damage that i was mentioning still applyed to the Jhebbalsag taking damage, it stayed the same after the hotfix and was possible before the update.

They added a small hitbox that i couldnt locate jet that takes damage from explosiv jars and the rest but like i said it doesnt cover the main part of the Avatar.
(I will updaten my post soon)

The Jhebbalsag having no collision is a huge problem on all official pvp servers, it takes all the skill and fun out of the raiding system.

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