Jhebbal Sag avatar too OP - can wipe out any base

Just did some tests on my server with Mr Jhebbal Sag. Went through pretty much 9 black ice foundations vertically in one minute. He does damage just by hovering there and touching the building. 900k damage, in a very large area, in one minute. He does more than 3x the damage Yog does. The other avatars are like a gentle breeze compared to this. This really needs to be looked at and adjusted. Since he can also fly very high and deliver damage horizontally as well, right now you can’t really build any base, anywhere, where Jhebbal Sag can’t undo your months of work in just one minute. Is this really a feature the game is supposed to have?


Finally, a god worth venerating!

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I agree as it has been so long since I heard or seen a video of a God at full strength as I can`t wait for the rest of the mods I have to be updated so I can go try out the Grove to get the Jhebbal Sag religion to try it out myself.

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