Advice on use of Avatar against undermesh base

Similar to my recent question on how to use Avatars, we have another cheater who joined our Official server and built an undermesh base while raiding others. I have submitted to Funcom and they said they will eventually address it but will take time.

In the meantime we are trying to hit them hard (at least distract them). We’ve used bombs on the buildings above the mesh (all empty btw - not even crafting stations, LOL). In addition we did use a Yog Avatar on the base (that heavy tentacle ground “smash” attack) and it appeared to have done some damage underneath the mesh (using hammer I could see multiple damage indicators underground). We are trying to farm another Yog but no luck getting the archpriest.

We do have other archpriests. Just curious your thoughts on whether Mitra or Set could be effective?


Use Jhebbal! He does damage even in a distance that he cannot go himself. He is a bit difficult to handle. He moves during attacks, you have to adjust for this movement. Try it out in singleplayer. You will find the archpriest in the DEN. I would propose you use Yog and not Jhebbal only if the ground is totally flat. Good luck!


mitra op

Yeah the player in question spammed a lot of vaults now. I think we will use Mitra to clean that up.

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