JimmyTheRabbit’s ExtraLife Marathon Speedrun of The Secret World


It was a super fun time, thanks everyone for coming out and supporting!
I completely lost my voice (apparently talking for 24 hours straight is bad for it, who knew), but worth it!

Here are some of the timestamps so you can see how crazy fast some of the zones are, BF is the big winner at a whole 7 minutes to complete the zone.

TSW speedrun - 17 hours! (comparitively, SWL speedrun is usually about 29 hours)


KM: 00:56 - 01:39 (fair bit of setup stuff)
SC: 01:39 - 01:57
BM: 01:57 - 04:10
[interlude] (dreaming/faction mission)
SD: 05:01 - 05:27
CG: 05:27 - 05:55
[interlude] (dreaming/faction mission)
BF: 06:17 - 06:24
SF: 06:24 - 06:53
CF: 06:53 - 07:36
[interlude] (dreaming/venice)
KD: 08:24 - 16:55 (had to go farm for ap/sp (08:58 - 11:00))

17:07 - Lava Game Champion
17:28 - Cost of Magic
17:57 - Aldinis missions (w/chainsaw mission)
18:59 - Quantum Braclet mission
19:42 - Rocket Launcher mission
20:25 - A Dream To Kill (issue 7 mission chain)
20:49 - Donation Incentive: playing while looking through a roll of paper towels!
22:36 - Manufactory Dungeon
23:38 - Manufactory Breached

You can check out the VOD on twitch right now, and I’ll be putting the VOD up on youtube this week.

JimmyTheRabbit’s ExtraLife Marathon Speedrun of The Secret World

November 4th - 5th (start time TBD, will be live at least 24 hours)
Live on Twitch

Brand new character marathon speedrun in The Secret World

Donation Incentives!

  • Darkness fills the screen

  • I have tunnel vision

  • Mess with the WASD keys

  • Make me jump nonstop by spamming the spacebar

  • Donator’s can also receive an in game Extra Life t-shirt for Secret World Legends (not The Secret World)
    (please notate your in game character name when you donate if you want this)

Hope to see you guys out there!

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Hehehe! I like this. It reminds me of the sanity effects from Eternal Darkness. I will definitely tune in for it.


Live on twitch now!

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VODS of the marathon are now live on YouTube!
(with timestamps)